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<strong>Keene Klimas Consultant Group</strong>

Today’s construction landscape continues to evolve with emerging changes and challenges.

It’s more important than ever to stay ahead of the process in order to achieve true success as measured by timely completion and good financial value. The ability to avoid or mitigate disputes throughout the project lifecycle is also imperative, as disagreements can stop work midstream.

That’s why a partnership with Keene Klimas Consultant Group can work to your advantage. The company’s principals, Gary Keene and Max Klimas, offer a combined 70 years of documented experience in managing major projects and reconciling disputes. We have the knowledge to assess circumstances and monitor activities, as well as the practical background to help handle complex issues for Attorneys, Insurers, Sureties, Owners and Developers.

As an impartial third party, Keene Klimas can take an unbiased look at your situation – or litigation – and determine the best approach for direct action. Contact us today for the expert support you need.

<strong>Keene Klimas Consultant Group</strong>
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Keene Klimas Consultant Group is respected for our experience, integrity and knowledge. Find out why our clients can trust that we’re always on the level. Go to our References Page and contact some of our references today.