Attorneys Support Services Insurers/Sureties Support Services Owners Support Services

Attorney Support Services

Keene Klimas Consultant Group approaches construction-related disputes with a comprehensive industry knowledge, extensive experience, and proven familiarity with the legal process.  Read More

Keene Klimas offers Attorneys support in the following service areas:

  • Initial Analysis
  • Claims and Project Documentation
  • Damages Calculation/Analysis
  • Job Cost Review/Analysis
  • Schedule Analysis
  • Deposition/Expert Witness Support
  • Litigation/Dispute Resolution Support

Insurer and Surety Support Services

Our Insurer and Surety support services offer an added layer of confidence when facing existing and/or potential claims against the contractor/architect/engineer and/or insurer and sureties. Read More

  • Principal / Insured Review Services
  • Principal / Insured Claims
  • Claims Oversight/Completion

Owner / Developer Support Services

Owner / Developer support services available during any – or all – phases of construction. Read More

  • Pre-Construction
  • New Construction
  • Already Under Construction