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Attorney Support Services

Keene Klimas Consultant Group approaches construction-related disputes with a comprehensive industry knowledge, extensive experience, and proven familiarity with the legal process.

Be it claims analysis, mediation, arbitration or litigation, we have the necessary background to support attorneys and their clients with various types of claims across a wide spectrum of projects. Gary Keene and Max Klimas extend a vast and far-reaching level of experience with the insight to unravel complex construction issues and provide clear, concise information to Counsel.

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Contact us now for immediate support in the following service areas:

Initial Analysis

Keene Klimas is available to investigate your client’s claim - be it Contractor, Architect or Engineer - with an impartial view and initial assessment of the issues for Counsel. We will communicate the facts in an effective and accurate manner, and help to mitigate the dispute at this juncture. Our analyses may include, but are not limited to:

  • Review and evaluation of contractual obligations
  • Identification of disputes and their impact on the project
  • Assessment of specific claims, counterclaims and damages
  • Schedule and cost reviews
  • Estimation of standards of care and performance
  • Identification of specific areas of concern
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Claims and Project Documentation

This is where Keene Klimas comes in to review all project document discoveries, including on-site files, plans, specifications and related paperwork. Our experience in this area will help to ensure that your legal team has access to the vital information and essential documentation needed for interrogatories, depositions, mediation, arbitration or litigation.

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Damages Calculation/Analysis

Our firm also has the knowledge and experience to analyze the dollar value of any damages claimed and/or counterclaimed throughout the construction process. We can benchmark the costs based on industry data, assess the validity of damage claims, review cost tracking and help to verify financial implications. The goal of our work is to provide your litigation team with the “real numbers” related to the claim.

Your client’s particular needs will determine the depth of the required research, which can encompass variables ranging from subcontractors cost to the owners costs. If required, Keene Klimas can also conduct a comparative cost analysis of any potential resolutions to the claims.

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Job Cost Review/Analysis

It takes a real-world understanding of the ins and outs of the construction industry to analyze a project from start to finish. Keene Klimas is your best choice for thorough review and reporting as related to an entire project’s cost basis. We will research the validity and accuracy of:

  • Contractor estimates and pay requests
  • Subcontractor pay requests
  • Change orders and back charges
  • Material vendors
  • General conditions
  • Direct/indirect overhead costs

The end result is detailed tracking of every dollar spent, verification that the pay requests are accurately reflecting the work performed, and identification of the contractual funds available for completion.

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Schedule Analysis

Similar to our other analytical services, Keene Klimas also offers the professional expertise to study and evaluate project scheduling with a focus on any/all delays under dispute. We will review project documentation and secure those documents that support/deny scheduling impact and defend/apply liquidated damages.

Our analysis takes several factors into consideration, including subcontractor delays, material delivery schedules, procurement issues, and instances of acceleration, disruption or lost productivity. Resulting information is shared with your litigation team as a formal Time Impact Analysis that defines cumulative or concurrent delays. This service is often requested in conjunction with a Cost Analysis that measures the damage costs associated with scheduling mishaps.

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Deposition/Expert Witness Support

Keene Klimas is well versed in giving deposition statements with independent objective testimony based on relevant industry expertise. We are here to support counsel, compile documentation, and advise on specific construction issues needing further investigation. We can also serve as members of your strategic planning team – recommending appropriate lines of questioning, developing and analyzing interrogatories, reviewing opposing party depositions, and providing expert testimony.

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Litigation/Dispute Resolution Support

As your consultative partner, Keene Klimas extends our support to include any necessary appearances before court, mediation or arbitration. We can offer testimony and/or supply research and strategy assistance to counsel. Given our experience, Keene Klimas’ involvement is a strategic advantage for your team.

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