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Client Testimonials

“They were dedicated and thorough and a valuable resource.”

Keene Klimas Consultant Group analyzed a complicated contract dispute and opened up new perspectives to help us strengthen our case. They were dedicated and thorough and a valuable resource. Their expert reports and testimony enabled our client to achieve the best possible result.”
Mike Wilson - Board Certified - Broad and Cassel

“The settlement was very favorable and our client’s interests were well protected. Your work was excellent and you will be our first call when we need an expert in the future. Thank you.”
Lloyd R. Schwed, Esquire - Schwed McGinley & Kahle

“I recommend
them without reservation.”

“In my 25-year construction litigation career, I have never worked with more knowledgeable, talented and diligent consultants than Max Klimas and Gary Keene. I encourage anyone who is considering retaining Keene Klimas Consultant Group to contact me with any questions. I recommend them without reservation.”
Andy Dogali - Dogali Law Group

Keene Klimas Consultant Group was a valuable resource assisting our law firm in representing an architect, engineer, and a surveyor in a dispute with an owner on an office building project. Because of Keene Klimas’ extensive background in construction and perspective you brought to the table, you were able to analyze the construction issues in a complex contract dispute helping us to successfully resolve a multi-million dollar dispute at mediation to the satisfaction of our clients. We were pleased with the results and were glad that Keene Klimas was on our team of experts. You really made a difference.”
Stephen M. Bull - Board Certified - Bull and Associates, P.A.

“I highly recommend
Keene Klimas Consultant Group.”

“As a construction lawyer, there are certain tools I need to do my job effectively. Among them is a knowledgeable consultant who can help me better understand and meaningfully evaluate the technical aspects of my clients’ cases. Keene Klimas Consultant Group has consistently provided me with those tools by helping me determine whether alleged deficiencies actually exist, the extent to which they exist, why they exist, who is responsible and the realistic costs of remediation. I highly recommend Keene Klimas Consultant Group.”
Timothy D. Woodward - Board Certified - Shutts & Bowen, P.A.

“They bring their first hand knowledge of construction the table.”

““I have dealt with Max Klimas and Gary Keene for many years. They bring their first hand knowledge of construction methods, technologies, scheduling and sequencing to the table. First rate, straight forward assistance in evaluation and presentation of claims and defenses comes from years of experience in the industry, not just as consultants, but as ‘at risk’ contractors.”
Timothy Moorhead - Wright, Fulford, Moorhead & Brown